Who’s afraid of Ruthven

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    Welcome. If you have no faith, no tradition, if you have out grown your fearfulness of childhood and ignorance. As long as you obey our laws, you will quickly adjust and enjoy my world. You will live happily...for now.

    However, if you have religion, if you keep the old ways with meaning. If you still have a fear of the dark. Than  you will be burned, branded, hunted. You will be killed. We will find you and you will be made a example of.  You also just might survive.

    4 months since the great roar.  Timothy Belfry is a person in hiding. In hiding of what, I cannot say.

    As long as he doesn't say anything he will be fine.   He can finish his daily life and go home to his only friend and the child he is takng care of.  He has no reason to do anyhing.

    The thing is the world has changed these past  4 months, and timothy is about to get a neighbor, a neighbor  who wants timothy to do something, with his life. Staying in hiding is about to be extremely hard for  mister Belfry.

    A comic drawn as commission for Halfheart002 on Deviantart

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